About Us

Hello bloggers, Guest Crew is here!

There are bloggers and there are guest bloggers.

Perhaps in the last few years I have done more guest posts that what I have posted on my own blogs. From the other way round, I have accepted more guest posts on my blogs than I have posted myself.

I used to guest post like crazy. I remember when one of my guest posts on comluv got 100+ comments. It was fun replying to all those comments and thanking them for their time. Later, when I landed one of my guest posts on Problogger.

It was Huge! Many people emailed me, thanking me for a great post. Some of them I knew, they were like – wow, it was you? You got featured on Problogger.

It did not stopped there, I continued with guest posting and made it to copyblogger and twice. I remember when John Chow accepted my guest post, that was another very active community with plenty of comments and activity. Moving on, I found life hack and write to done and make a living writing. Then it was kikolani and blogging tips.

All these years and so many projects – it was guest blogging than kept me going.

And now, here I am. It is Guest Crew, finally live and kicking. Let’s start the Guest Posts rolling.

Oleg Calugher
Co-founder Guest Crew

I am Oleg Calugher, your fellow blogger, Co-founder and CEO of Guest Crew. Contact me from Guest Crew. Join me on Facebook or connect with me on Twitter. Any problems? Post Your Questions here (for the quickest possible replies). Thanks,