Terms of Service

Updated March 19, 2013

If you register on Guest Crew - guestcrew.com you agree to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions can change at any time without informing anyone. So keep an eye at this page if you want to stay updated.

You are part of a growing social guest blogging platform. Here, you can network with fellow bloggers, by private messages feature or by taking part in the forums. While we appreciate networking opportunities, but be warned, any kind of spam will not be tolerated and the result can lead up to a ban from guestcrew.com You will get warnings for minor errors.

Just like any other social site, we have rules.These rules are enforced so that a good member like you can have a better user experience. We want to provide you value, that is why you registered in the first place. You can publish quality content for your blog or if you want, you can distribute your high quality articles to various blogs registered on the guest crew system.

By using Guest Crew, if any harm of any kind happens to anyone, the owners of Guest Crew are not responsible for that. Guest Crew is a system which is very technical in nature - so if, by mistakes - some errors happens, for example - loss or wrongly removed credits, wrong or outdated data for sites etc. Guest Crew won't be responsible for it.

The credits you buy on Guest Crew are non-refundable; we do not have a refund policy. You agree to this before buying any credit on Guest Crew. For the bloggers - you can withdraw your Guest Crew Credits - that you have earned by publishing Guest Posts - into your Paypal account. Guest Crew makes payment by paypal. However, we do not gaurentee this. Guest Crew can stop paying for credits at any time without informing anyone.

As a blogger - when you accept and publish a guest post on your blog, you agree to keep the post published - as-is - for ever. The post will remain on your blog for ever and you can not do any edits without the permission of the advertiser. If you do any changes to the post or the article is taken down then the money that we sent will be taken back. We will do a charge back by paypal or the payment processor by which you get paid. This can also result in your Guest Crew account being banned.

There are various features on Guest Crew; some of them are paid while others are free. These features can change from free to paid or paid to free or completely cease to exist at any time without notifying anyone. As a member it is your responsibility to keep up to date with the happenings at guest crew.

As a blog owner or a publisher, when you publish a post from Guest Crew to any blog, you accept to publish the post as-is. No text or links or anchor text or anything else in the post should change. If you want to make any changes, contact the advertiser who has accepted your offer and get his permission before you do any changes. Please keep the written conversation with you as a proof for showing later.

As an advertiser, you should publish only high quality and unique articles. While we moderate every article that is submitted on the article gallery, it is your responsibility to make sure the article is of the highest quality before you send it to us. Remember, each time your article gets rejected, you lose one credit to upload it back. So always make sure that your article is

  • 1) copyscape pass and unique
  • 2) has no errors
  • 3) all fields are filled

The final decision of whether to approve the article, or delete it or send it back to you for correction - remains with the moderators and admins of Guest Crew.

As a member you can donate free credits to other members. You can use this donation system as you like, however, please note that once you distribute credits to someone - it is done. It cannot be undone. So be wise to check everything before you do this.

Do not ask for help from a moderator or an administrator for disputes between members. The mods and admins of guestcrew.com are not cops or judges, if you have issues, sort them out yourself. Before dealing with a member, be sure to check his past records, which includes warnings and reputations. Browse his profile well before making a decision to do business with anyone.

Please keep in mind that we do not delete a Guest Crew account. So, if you make an account - it stays for ever, or as long as the site exist. Please do not send us requests to delete your account - that is against the terms of service of guest crew.

As an advertiser or blogger - when you register on Guest Crew - you accept our terms and conditions. Secrecy is one of our top requirements. You are not allowed to disclose any details of Guest Crew to anyone. The list of sites that we show to Pro Advertisers are a copyright or Guest Crew. It should never be disclosed to anyone. Similarly - the sites that we have, the offers you get as an advertisers or the details of the bloggers are all copyrighted property of Guest Crew and should never be disclosed to anyone. If you do so, if you reveal any data from Guest Crew, our legal department will sue you in a court.

On Guest Crew - you are supposed to keep the deals on Guest Crew - not take it outside. If you take business and deals away from Guest Crew, you violate our terms of service which can result in legal issues.

To sum it all, be good, be helpful, do good, don’t steal, don’t spam, read and follow the rules, have good ethics and most of all, be a good blogger. Thanks.